NYVCA Partners

The partners listed below are strong supporters of the NYVCA and New York’s Venture Capital and entrepreneurial ecosystem. They participate and engage with the NYVCA at the deepest levels and are considered to be our business partners. If you’d like to learn more about the benefits of becoming an NYVCA partner, please contact us.

The volume of enterprise data has moved past terabytes and into the petabyte scale. Companies need to determine the best way for them to store, manage and analyze all that information. GigaOM’s Structure:Data, now a two-day conference, assembles the world’s leading technologists, practitioners and business leaders to offer solutions and uncover new business opportunities.

PitchBook Data, Inc. is a research firm providing superior data, news and analysis on the private equity and venture capital industries. PitchBook provides its clients with the highest quality information on the entire investment lifecycle through its award-winning online PitchBook Platform. Better Data. Better Decisions.